Increased Compensation on Select Studies

We are increasing compensation on the following projects in time to offset those holiday expenditures! Please consider helping with the following projects:

  • Test of Orthographic Competence-Second Edition (TOC-2): Each accurately administered TOC-2 case will be compensated at $50 per case starting 12-17-19!
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales-Sixth Edition (SB-6): We are wrapping up this item analysis study and need additional data on minority individuals, individuals with any type of disability, and individuals ages 3-0 to 3-5, 6-0 to 6-5, and 75+. Each accurately administered SB-6 case will be compensated at $125 per case starting 12-18-19! If you have access and are able to test to anyone in those categories, please call 800-897-3202 ext. 620 (Gwenda) or ext. 658 (Betsy) and we will get you set up for this additional testing personally.

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