Uploading Data Electronically

The new PRO-ED Field Examiner Portal allows you to upload files directly to the examinee's Subject ID. Once you are finished testing, and all necessary paperwork has been completed, please save your files as pdfs with the subject ID number in the file name, then compress the files into a zipped folder.

To compress files in Windows, select all the files you want to include (you can hold down the Control button as you click on files to select the files), then right-click and select Send to then select Compressed (zipped) folder. See the figure below as an example. The procedure is similar on a Mac. To compress multiple files into one zipped folder, select them all, right-click and select “Compress X items,” with X being the number of selected files.

Create Zip Archive

Next, upload the zipped folder using the Upload File button in the Active Subjects section of the project page on the Field Examiner Portal (see below).

Login Screen

After your assessments have been reviewed for accuracy, your compensation will be processed and mailed to the address we have on file for you. Cash payments and/or catalog credits will be processed once every two weeks.

Click here to access the PRO-ED Field Examiner Portal.