We are currently collecting data on the following products:

  • Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition: Online Version: Measures cognitive ability based on the cognitive/neuropsychological theory called PASS (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive). This test is designed to measure cognitive processing abilities important for a broad range of differential diagnoses and instructional planning in individuals ages 5-0 to 18-11.
  • Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-Third Edition: Measures general intelligence of children and adults ages 6-0 through 80+ whose performance on traditional tests might be adversely affected by impairments in language or motor abilities.
  • Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-Third Edition (CTOPP-3): Measures reading-related phonological processing skills.
  • Developmental Tasks of Kindergarten Readiness-Third Edition (DTKR-3): Measures kindergarten readiness of children ages 4-0 to 6-11 in four major domains: Language and Literacy, Cognition and General Knowledge, Motor Skills, Social/Emotional Development. This normative study is an expanded continuation of the recent item analysis study.
  • Gray Diagnostic Reading Tests-Third Edition (GDRT-3): Measures Letter/Word Identification, Phonetic Analysis, Reading Vocabulary, Meaningful Reading, Listening Vocabulary, Rapid Naming, and Phonological Awareness in individuals ages 6-0 through 13-11.
  • Gray Oral Reading Tests-Fifth Edition: Normative Update (GORT-5:NU): Measures oral reading ability of individuals ages 6-0 through 24-11.
  • Gray Silent Reading Tests-Second Edition (GSRT-2): Measures silent paragraph reading comprehension in individuals ages 7-0 through 24-11.
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales-Third Edition (PKBS-3): Measures social skills and problem behavior in children ages 3-0 through 6-11.
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales-Sixth Edition (SB-6): Measures verbal and nonverbal intelligence in individuals ages 3-0 through 90-0. This normative study is an expanded continuation of the recent item analysis study.
  • Stuttering Severity Instrument-Fifth Edition (SSI-5): Measures an individual's frequency, duration, physical concomitants, and severity of their stuttered speech.
  • Test of Childhood Stuttering-Second Edition (TOCS-2): Measures speech fluency skills (stuttering) and stuttering-related behaviors in children 4 through 12 years of age.
  • Test of Early Mathematics Achievement-Fourth Edition (TEMA-4): Measures mathematics performance of children ages 3-0 to 8-11.
  • Test of Early Written Language-Fourth Edition (TEWL-4): Measures written expression in individuals ages 4-0 through 11-11.
  • Test of Memory and Learning-Third Edition (TOMAL-3): The TOMAL-3 is an individually-administered assessment of memory and learning for ages 5 through 59.
  • Test of Silent Reading Efficiency and Comprehension Diagnostic & Screening (TOSREC D&S): Measures silent reading of connected text for comprehension.
  • Test of Written Language-Fifth Edition (TOWL-5): Measures written expression in individuals ages 9-0 through 17-11.
  • Test of Word Reading Efficiency-Third Edition (TOWRE-3): Measures efficiency of sight word recognition and phonemic decoding in children and adults.
  • Test of Written Spelling-Sixth Edition (TWS-6): The TWS-6 is an individually or group administered assessment of spelling skills in students ages 6 years 0 months through 18 years 11 months.

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