PRO-ED, Inc., is an international publisher of speech, language, occupational and physical therapy, psychology, and special education assessments, books and materials, and professional journals. We have over 250 standardized assessments that require updating every 7 to 10 years. A major part of creating and updating these assessments involves administering paper and pencil (and sometimes computerized) tests along with collecting basic background data on individuals of varying ages, races, ethnicities, and ability levels.

The data we collect is used to establish national averages so that future professional clinicians can use these measures to determine if a given individual has a disability and to determine the severity of that disability. Examiners receive cash compensation in exchange for their time. While our tests are used primarily with persons suspected of having some sort of educational disability, the test subjects we need and the data we collect is typically from persons not diagnosed with a disability. The majority of testing is performed using paper and pencil or is administered verbally and can be completed in any quiet, well-lit area. Most tests are administered one-on-one but some can be administered to small groups at a time. We take data privacy very seriously and thus no one who is tested is identified individually within the database. Instead, each participant is assigned a random number for identification purposes to ensure complete anonymity. Testing time varies from as little as 20 minutes to as much as 2 hours and is generally compensated between $30-$150 per test that is administered, depending on how long the particular test takes to administer. The data and test subjects we need for any given test and at any given time may be very particular with regard to age, race or ethnicity. This helps us build a data sample that is representative of the public at large and helps us screen out and eliminate racial or ethnic bias in our tests.

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